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Advent and Holiday Calendars 2019

These are the advent and holiday calendars I follow this year:

If you know any interesting holiday or advent calendars, please post them in the comments.

How to get rid of Dropbox’s green check-mark icons in macOS Finder

Today in the morning I realized that the Dropbox folder on my MacBook Pro had a green check mark icon attached to it. When I opened that folder, all the files that are synced with Dropbox had the same green check mark icon attached to it.

I remember that some years ago I found a way to remove them, but could not remember how I did it. I know that these sync icons show the status of that file or folder, but for me they are just annoying and distracting. That’s why I googled to find out, how to get rid of them. I found several posts in the Dropbox Community, but all without any solution.

A CNET article describes a quick tweak to rid myself of the green check marks. With “Show Package Contents” of the Dropbox programme and navigating to a certain folder I found the overlay file for the unwanted icon. I renamed it and relaunched the finder. But without success. Also deleting the file and restarting the Finder did not change anything.

I looked at other results of the Google search. In another thread in the Dropbox Community one user had the solution.

I had to open System Preferences and choose Extensions. There I had to uncheck the Finder Extensions for Dropbox. Finally I could see no green check-marks anymore.

I wrote this blog post as a reference to myself, but maybe others find it helpful too.

Advent and Holiday Calendars 2018

These are the advent and holiday calendars I follow this year:

If you know any interesting holiday or advent calendars, please post them in the comments.

Advent and Holiday Calendars 2016

These are the advent and holiday calendars I found this year:

There is no Webkrauts Adventskalender this year, but there is a German version of the advent calendar by Jens:

If you know any interesting holiday or advent calendars, please post them in the comments.

Advent and holiday calendars

As every year there are several holiday calendars.
The ones I follow this year are:

There are two more in German:

MischMasch 2011-05-14

HTML5 in the wild by Paul Rouget presents actual web pages using HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript & Co.

AeroFS is file sync without servers. Nico Kaiser wrote about how it works and what is good and bad about this new service, especially compared to Dropbox.

Leaflet is a lightweight open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade. (Via CloudMade blog)

MischMasch 2011-05-09

Some good debates about hgroup on HTML5 Doctor. (Via Twitter / Bruce Lawson)

When (Some) Important Internetty Stuff Was Launched/Funded is an timeline of internet companies and services of the last 20 years.

lovely ui is a collection of mobile UI elements, mobile patterns and more by Diana Frurip.

jCanvas is a jQuery plugin that makes working with the HTML5 canvas easy. (Via Twitter / JavaScript UserGroup Munich)

Roger Johansson explains how to clip text with CSS3 text-overflow.

2010 Personal Annual Report

Inspired by Brian Suda and his Personal Annual Reports and by Nicholas Felton and his Annual Reports I wrote my my 2009 Personal Annual Report last year. Here follows my Personal Annual Report for 2010.

I traveled eight times in 2010 and visited four different cities where I spend a total of 36 days. The rest of the year I was in München.

I have not been to the movies in 2010 and therefore saw no movie this year.

Right now I have 1424 items in my iTunes Library and I am subscribed to 27 podcasts. There are a total of 125 apps on my iPhone.

This year’s Status Quo about my online life: I wrote 10 blog posts (89 blog posts since July 2006) on and there was one comment (18 comments since July 2006), 3 blog posts (21 since September 2005) on portenkirchner with no comment this year (3 comments since September 2005), 1724 Tweets (3564 since November 2006), 1449 Dents (2175 since July 2008), saved 1012 public bookmarks on Delicious (3263 public bookmarks since July 2004), scrobbelt 27973 items on (82998 items since September 2004) and uploaded 14 photos to Flickr (46 photos since April 2004).