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Google I/O 2010

Today starts Google I/O 2010, Google’s largest Developer Converence, that takes place in the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Topics will be Android, Google Chrome, Google APIs, GWT, open web technologies and more.

A lot of rumours are flying around about what will be announced in the next days: Google TV, a new Google phone, a major update for Google Buzz, a new version of the Google Feed API, …

The keynotes today and tomorrow can be watched on YouTube on the GoogleDevelopers channel and there is a Google I/O 2010 Wave.

In a few hours I will attend the live stream-event at the Google Office here in Munich to watch todays keynote and I am already excited about all the coming news and announcements.

SearchMonkey Developer Day

SearchMonkey Developer Day was an event that took place in the Yahoo! office in Munich on wednesday September 3rd. About 20 developers and site owners took the chance to get to know more about SearchMonkey and how to make search results more useful. Neil Crosby was giving a presentation and showing the SearchMonkey web site, the SearchMonkey Developer Tool and the Yahoo! Search Gallery. After the talk he, Christian Heilmann and Guy Hepworth were answering questions. Then there was the chance to talk and discuss while having some sandwiches and something to drink.

The evening was really interesting and it was nice to meet the three guys from the Yahoo! office in London, Uwe Tippmann, Thomas Schaller and Paul Savage. Hopefully there will be more events and presentations like this in the future. Yahoo! Search BOSS was one topic that already sparked some interest.

The slides of the presentation by Neil Crosby are avaiable on SlideShare, there is a blog post on the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog and photos of the event tagged smmunich can be found on Flickr.

Web Montag München/Munich

Today there will be the first Web Montag in München/Munich this year.

Presentations will be:

  • Felix Haas: Amiando – Gründung und Entwicklung: eine frisch gebackene Web-Plattform für “Einfach einladen.”
  • Martin Szugat: Windows-RSS-Plattform
  • Florian Steger: Micro Communities – how brands, media companies and organisations can enhance their customer lifecycle through online communities
  • Rocco Georgi: Mobile AJAX

This time the Web Montag will take place at amiando AG i.G., Leopoldstraße 244, 80807 München/Munich, starting at 19:00.

Opening hours for is a new startup from München/Munich. I have been testing the site for some time and have been waiting to see it go public. offers similar services like QYPE, Google Maps, Yahoo! Local or other sites: Places, shops, service providers and more.

There are some things that make different. It focuses only on München/Munich and it only is avaiable in German. Beside the addresses and general information you also can see if the place you are looking for is currently open and when it will close.

There are things I like, there are things that can be enhanced. But I still think that it is a useful site for people living in or coming to München/Munich.

So good luck for this project to the three guys at