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How to get rid of Dropbox’s green check-mark icons in macOS Finder

Today in the morning I realized that the Dropbox folder on my MacBook Pro had a green check mark icon attached to it. When I opened that folder, all the files that are synced with Dropbox had the same green check mark icon attached to it.

I remember that some years ago I found a way to remove them, but could not remember how I did it. I know that these sync icons show the status of that file or folder, but for me they are just annoying and distracting. That’s why I googled to find out, how to get rid of them. I found several posts in the Dropbox Community, but all without any solution.

A CNET article describes a quick tweak to rid myself of the green check marks. With “Show Package Contents” of the Dropbox programme and navigating to a certain folder I found the overlay file for the unwanted icon. I renamed it and relaunched the finder. But without success. Also deleting the file and restarting the Finder did not change anything.

I looked at other results of the Google search. In another thread in the Dropbox Community one user had the solution.

I had to open System Preferences and choose Extensions. There I had to uncheck the Finder Extensions for Dropbox. Finally I could see no green check-marks anymore.

I wrote this blog post as a reference to myself, but maybe others find it helpful too.

MischMasch 2011-05-14

HTML5 in the wild by Paul Rouget presents actual web pages using HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript & Co.

AeroFS is file sync without servers. Nico Kaiser wrote about how it works and what is good and bad about this new service, especially compared to Dropbox.

Leaflet is a lightweight open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade. (Via CloudMade blog)

MischMasch 2010-08-18

PaintbrushJS is a lightweight browser-based image processing library by Dave Shea. Have a look at the demo page.

According to a rumour Google will launch a Chrome OS tablet on November 26 on Verizon. The device is being built by HTC. (Download Squad)

Elements is a text editor for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that saves the text files automatically every 60 seconds to your Dropbox account. (Via Macworld)

Businessweek and AllThingsD BoomTown both think that Facebook will finally introduce location services in a few hours. But will it be a check-in service or will they integrate other third-party services? Or will Facebook announce something completely different? (BusinessWeek & AllThingsD BoomTown)

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 34 Red Rhythm is available for download at Mercedes Benz TV.

MischMasch 2008-09-12

Dropbox is an application to share and store files online. I have been using it already for some time while it has been in private beta. Files that are put in the Dropbox folder are automatically stored online and can also be accessed through the web interface. Today Dropbox finally launched to the public.

Flickr rolled out a sneak preview of the new Flickr home page. After switching to the new interface there are more photos from contacts and photos from groups on the home page. Users can minimize the sections they are not interested in. Moreover there is an activity stream showing the recent activities on the photostream. Pro users can access statistics directly from the home page now. More information on the new design on the Flickr Blog.