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MischMasch 2008-07-03

Some redesigns during the last weeks. MySpace has a new look done by Adaptive Path. The site is less cluttered and navigation is simpler. After five years the personal web site of Jason Santa Maria was redesigned. The interesting thing about the redesign is that the design can be changed to suit the content. Also Chris Heilmann’s site Wait til I come! looks diffrent now.

Flickr founders Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield have left Yahoo! (via Wired), as did del.icio.us founder Joshua Schachter (via Daring Fireball). Valleywag posted Stewart’s resignation letter and Wired linked the DIY Yahoo! Resignation Letter.

Firefox 3 supports color profiles, but this is disabled and it has to be turned on manually. More about it by Joi Ito and John Resig

Plazes was acquired by Nokia.

MischMasch 2008-06-12

For some days Google has a new favicon. Favicon is the tiny icon in the browser bar and it can be seen in the list of bookmarks. The reactions were mainly negative. Marissa Mayer wrote a blogpost about it on the Official Google Blog. There are several sets of icons that were designed and up to now there is no final solution. If someone has a nice idea for a favicon, there is a site to submit it to Google.

Today Opera released Opera 9.5. More about the the new version can be read in an article on Dev Opera. The official date for the launch of Firefox 3.0 is June 17th. This will also be the day to set a Guinness World Record for most software downloads in 24 hours.

Now multi-protocol instant messaging application Adium 1.3 supports Facebook Chat. (Via Matthias Pfefferle)

Jeremy Zawodny will be leaving Yahoo!. (Via Daring Fireball)