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MischMasch 2009-09-06

Google App Engine will support XMPP to allow communication in real-time. (Via Google App Engine Blog)

Some readings on HTML5 from last week: Jeremy Keith writes about his thoughts on HTML5, and so does Jeffrey Zeldman in his article Loving HTML5. The HTML5 Super Friends have significant concerns about some aspects of the HTML5 specification.

O’Reilly‘s ETech Conference will be discontinued. (Via Tom Coates on Twitter)

MischMasch 2008-04-08

Google launched Google App Engine, a plattform to create and run web applications. Google App Engine is currently in preview release. On time it’s only Python-based supporting Django. Other languages may be supported in the future.

HuddleChat, one of the sample apps for Google App Engine, is critisized being a rip-off of 37signals’ Campfire.