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MischMasch 2009-08-14

Twitter started Project Retweet to implement retweeting. It will be a bit different from what is retweeting now. There will be no RT, but the original tweet will show up in the timeline with the line retweeted by @name added to the date/time stamp. I agree with Eric Meyer‘s tweet that Twitter should fix replies above adding retweet features. (Via Twitter Blog)

Google Reader got some new features. It is possible to send blog posts to various sites like Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and others. More sites can be added manually. There is the new feature to discover the feeds of people one is following. (Via Official Google Reader Blog)

Creative Commons licensed books can now be distributed on Google Books. More on CC and Google Books can be found on the Inside Google Books blog. (Via Joi Ito on Twitter)

YouTube‘s redesign went live. The site looks now cleaner, the masthead looks different and some functions were moved or eliminated. (Via Mashable)

Facebook is testing Facebook Lite, a simpler design for the site. Currently only a few selected users are able to access the Facebook Lite site. (Via Mashable)

Microsoft announced that they will launch a Zune HD on September 25th 2009. It will be thinner and and not as ugly as it’s predecessor. (Via Mashable)

Google introduced social gadgets for iGoogle, so everyone can share, collaborate and play games on iGoogle. (Via Official Google Blog)

My Opera lets you push updates to Twitter and Facebook. (Via My Opera news)

MischMasch 2009-08-03

Happy Cog and Airbag Industries, two important web design firms, announced the merger of the two companies. The resulting company Happy Cog will continue to work on client services, web design and development. Moreover Happy Cog will continue publishing A List Apart and organising design conference An Event Apart. (Via Happy Cog News and Jeffrey Zeldman)

Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, is resigning from Apple’s Board of Directors. As the two companies become rivals in several businesses there are more potential conflicts of interest. (Via Apple Press Release and Macworld)

Design Observer, a weblog focusing on writings about design and visual culture, announced its makeover. The new Design Observer Group serves four channels: Observatory (design essays), Change Observer (design for social innovation), Places (essays from the Places magazine) and Observer Media (audio and video). (Via Observatory: Design Observer)

TheTWiT Netcast Network started a new show called This Week in Google. Leo Laporte, Lifehacker founder Gina Trapani, journalist Jeff Jarvis and guests talk about latest Google-related news and cloud computing.

Twitter starts blocking bad URLs. Unfortunately shortened malicious links are not identified. (Via ReadWriteWeb)

NewsGator announced Google Reader syncing for the new version of NetNewsWire. Moreover a send to Instapaper feature was added. NewsGator will stop NewsGator Online and some other services. The company recomends migrating to Google Reader before the end of August. (Via NewsGator Daily Blog)

MischMasch 2008-10-29

Evernote adds storage on the iPhone. (Via Evernote Blog)

Google Reader added statistics for each subscribed feed. You can see them when showing the feed’s details. (Via Steve Rubel)

Apple launched Apple Developer Forums for everyone taking part in the iPhone Developer Program. (Via TidBITS)

MTV Music is a new nice and clean designed site features a large library of music videos. It’s possible to rate and comment videos and they can also be linked to and embedded. (Via Daring Fireball)

The Belgium design studio Duoh! has a new site. Duoh! is the brain child of Veerle Pieters and Geert Leyseele. More on the new design in a blog post by Veerle.

MischMasch 2008-09-26

Already last week Twitter refreshed the design of their web site, rounded some corners, moved the navigation to the right sidebar, implementing Ajax and offering new design themes.

On tuesday T-Mobile and Google presented the first Androide phone called T-Mobile G1. It will be shipped October 22nd in the USA and will cost $179. Some of the features mentioned are a QWERTY keyboard, instant messaging, Google Maps with Street View and Compass View, a web browser based on WebKit, access to Amazon.com MP3 Downloads and more. The video of the T-Moble G1 press conference is avaiable online.

Yahoo! announced it’s new digital ad platform APT, a web-based platform that offers a simplified work flow process to streamline the ad buying process across multiple accounts and publishers. (Via Yodel Anecdotal)

The New York Times launched a social network on the newspaper’s website called TimesPeople. Users can share recommendations, ratings and comments with other New York Times readers. It’s also possible to search for people or to import contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail or Windwos Live. More information on the About TimesPeople page. (via Profy)

This week Technorati is releasing a five part series on their annual State of the Blogosphere.

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, announced that they aquired the comment system Intense Debate. (Via WordPress.com Blog)

Moreover some Google news. Google Contacts is the standalone contacts page that is part of Google Mail. Google Reader added some new features like adding tags to notes, switching between alphabetical ordering and drag n’ drop ordering and last-crawl-date for feeds. New in Google Labs are Google Audio Indexing (GAudi) and Google In Quotes. And Google has acquired Korean blogging platform Textcube.

MischMasch 2008-05-14

Vidlink is a new app by Google, which lets you record movies and upload them to YouTube using the Mac’s built-in camera or many Firewire or USB video cameras. It supports importing videos from other programms too. (Via Official Google Mac Blog)

Apple has three new Get a Mac ads: Group, Pep Rally and Sad Song.

There is a new iPhone interface for Google Reader at http://www.google.com/reader/i/. (Via Official Google Reader Blog)

Google Maps have now two more options, which can show geo-tagged photos provided by Panoramio or geo-coded Wikipedia articles on maps.

Jeremy Keith liveblogged some talks of this year’s XTech conference.

Eye-Fi, the line of WiFi enabled SD cards, added a new member to the family, a card geotagging photos using WiFi triangulation, just like the iPhone and iPod Touch. (Via JeffCroft.com)

MischMasch 2008-05-09

For some time now Google Reader is the feed reader of my choice. Google Reader now has some new features. A new bookmarklet lets me share any site, not only sites from feeds that I am subscribed to. Notes can be attached to shared items or any blog entries. Even notes alone can be shared with others.

The multi-protocol instant messaging client Adium will support Facebook Chat in the next release. (via Adium – Blog)

The Safari search extension Inquisitor was aquired by Yahoo!. More information in David Watanabe’s blog. (Via Daring Fireball)