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MischMasch 2011-05-09

Some good debates about hgroup on HTML5 Doctor. (Via Twitter / Bruce Lawson)

When (Some) Important Internetty Stuff Was Launched/Funded is an timeline of internet companies and services of the last 20 years.

lovely ui is a collection of mobile UI elements, mobile patterns and more by Diana Frurip.

jCanvas is a jQuery plugin that makes working with the HTML5 canvas easy. (Via Twitter / JavaScript UserGroup Munich)

Roger Johansson explains how to clip text with CSS3 text-overflow.

Shared Stuff not really del.icio.us yet

Finally Google got into the social bookmarking market. Until now Google was only offering Google Bookmarks to store bookmarks for yourself. But last week Google startet Shared Stuff.

Like for del.icio.us there is a bookmarklet to post a web page to Shared Stuff. You can tag that page and add a description. for some sites a thumbnail of the page is displayed. But for now that is nearly everything you can do. It is not possible to edit the entries on your personal Shared Stuff page. This is only possible by using the bookmarklet on that page again and change the tags or description.

The same bookmark can also be used to e-mail the page from your Google Mail account or use third party services like del.icio.us, Furl, Digg or others.

One interesting thing is that if the page you want to add to Shared Stuff already is in your Google Bookmarks the tags you us in Google Bookmarks are automatically added. If you change tags in Google Bookmarks tags are automatically changed in Shared Stuff and vice versa.

But items on Shared Stuff are not automatically added to Google Bookmarks.

On time it is a bit complicated that you have two places to store your bookmarks, Shared Stuff for the ones you want to share and Google Bookmarks for the ones you want to keep private.

I guess there will be new and more features soon. But I don’t think that Google can convince me to leave del.icio.us. And there are rumours that del.icio.us will be relaunched in the near future.