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MischMasch 2009-04-16

Jon Hicks has a new and nice design for his journal / hicksdesign. As he says it is still work in progress

YIID, the service that helps you build a social identity, released some new features including activity streams for yourself and for your friends and one click registration in Communipedia.

Finally Apple started selling and renting movies in the German iTunes Store.

Taking Your Talent to the Web by Jeffrey Zeldman is now a free downloadable book. (Via Jeffrey Zeldman (zeldman) on Twitter)

MischMasch 2008-04-03

Amazon.com has launched Amazon TextBuyIt that allows customers to buy via mobile phone text message.

The German iTunes Store finally offers TV shows. Now waiting for films to show up too, but seems to work stable now.

Shortly after WordPress 2.5 Automattic released bbPress 0.9, the new version of the plain and simple forum software.

German based photo and video hosting service sevenload relaunched it’s website at the weekend. Already announced to go live on monday the service was unavaiable most of the day. On tuesday the site still had severe hickups, but seems to work stable now.