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MischMasch 2010-03-03

GigaTweet is counting the number of Twitter messages and it shows that there will be 10 billion tweets soon.

WordPress.com turned on PubSubHubbub support for more than 10.5 million blogs. (Via WordPress.com Blog)

Location based social network Foursquare partners with Vodafone UK. (Via TechCrunch Europe)

After shutting down comments on Yahoo! News in 2006 users can now comment on news articles again. (Via paidContent)

Google Wave gets a new and better robots API that can push information into waves, robots can specify how much information they want to get back from a wave and what events it needs to respond to. (Via Google Wave Developer Blog)

1.5 million apps are downloaded from the Nokia Ovi store each day. (Via MobileCrunch)

MischMasch 2008-03-31

There may still be people around remembering mixtapes. Now Muxtape offers to create your mixtape online and share it with your friends. Just sign in with your e-mail address, upload up to twelve songs and choose a colour for your Muxtape. Or just listen to this tape, that tape or one of the tapes on the main page.

Dan Cederholm brings up an important topic again. Like its predecessors IE8 does not resize fonts set in pixels. As it seems this is less a bug than more a decision.

Craigslist, the classified site already listing big german cities for some time has added German as one of new languages beside French, Portugese and Italian.

WordPress 2.5 is out since saturday. Among all the new features are: search now covering posts and pages, built in Gravatar support, media library for images, music and videos with multi-file uploading, built-in galleries, full-screen writing and more. The new dashboard interface was created in collaboration with Happy Cog Studios.

Last week I stumbled accross several links to a 20 year old song by Rick Astley: Never gonna give you up. First I did not understand what it was about. Then I learnt that it was an internet meme. Most links are leading to YouTube videos. Others should not be clicked or only be used at your own risk, like Internet is serious business or Rickrolling.com. If you follow these links I am not responsible for any damage. But my favorite video so far is a JavaScript guru getting rickrolled the first time doing karaoke.

Now running WordPress 2.3

It has not been long ago when I upgraded this WordPress installation. There is now the update to WordPress 2.3 avaiable. For me the most interesting new things are canonical URLs, update notification of new releases of WordPress or of plugins that are used and native tagging support.

Since some months I have been using Ultimate Tag Warrior but have not very happy with it and in my opinion it was not working properly all the time. So I was looking forward for the native tagging support in WordPress 2.3.

As the last time the upgrade was easy and fast. Moreover there is an option import Ultimate Tag Warrior tags into the new native tagging structure.

Comments now with microformats

For some time I use microformats on my contact page. Some days ago had the idea why not use microformats for comments to add hCard markup to the comment entries.

So first I had to replace <?php comment_author_link(); ?> with <a href="<?php comment_author_url() ?>"><?php comment_author() ?></a> in the WordPress template. Finally I added some microformats code: <span class="author vcard"><a class="fn url" href="<?php comment_author_url() ?>"><?php comment_author() ?></a></span>.

Hello world! Hello WordPress!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

This is the first default blog entry when you install WordPress.

Since some time now I have been planning to use a CMS for my web site. After having a look at Moveable Type, Textpattern and WordPress I chose the last one.

But first I wanted to have a new design, for that I had quite some ideas but not really the time to implement. And looking back now, there were maybe too many ideas.

So finally today I decided to delete all files and install WordPress and use it form now on. Moreover the sites name now is portenkirchner.net and the old title porti’s island in the name became the subtitle.

The theme I use on time is Hemingway by Kyle Neath. I already changed the color, the font and some minor things. And there will come more changes in the future.