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How to get rid of Dropbox’s green check-mark icons in macOS Finder

Today in the morning I realized that the Dropbox folder on my MacBook Pro had a green check mark icon attached to it. When I opened that folder, all the files that are synced with Dropbox had the same green check mark icon attached to it.

I remember that some years ago I found a way to remove them, but could not remember how I did it. I know that these sync icons show the status of that file or folder, but for me they are just annoying and distracting. That’s why I googled to find out, how to get rid of them. I found several posts in the Dropbox Community, but all without any solution.

A CNET article describes a quick tweak to rid myself of the green check marks. With “Show Package Contents” of the Dropbox programme and navigating to a certain folder I found the overlay file for the unwanted icon. I renamed it and relaunched the finder. But without success. Also deleting the file and restarting the Finder did not change anything.

I looked at other results of the Google search. In another thread in the Dropbox Community one user had the solution.

I had to open System Preferences and choose Extensions. There I had to uncheck the Finder Extensions for Dropbox. Finally I could see no green check-marks anymore.

I wrote this blog post as a reference to myself, but maybe others find it helpful too.

Apple WWDC 2008 Keynote

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is taking place in San Francisco right now and started with the Steve Jobs Keynote. The event was live blogged by Mac Rumors, Macworld, Engadget and many other sites.

Main topics of the keynote have been the App Store and some of it’s apps, the iPhone 2.0 Software, the MobileMe service that replaces .Mac and the new iPhone 3G (thinner, GPS, 3G and cheaper).

Steve Jobs also announced that later on there will be given a peak of the new OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

For sure today’s keynote will soon be avaible on the new Apple Keynotes podcast in the iTunes Store.

iBackup with SuperDuper! now

Yesterday it was time for my weekly my monthly a backup after quite some time. To back up my iBook to a 250 GB LaCie Hard Drive I have been using iBackup so far and was happy with it.

But yesterday evening when iBackup updated the plugins it froze and after waiting for half an hour I did a force-quit. Starting it new everything was ok and I started the backup.

Six hours later when I came back from a nice dinner with friends iBackup did not react again and seemed to be frozen. And another force-quit.

So I decided to dwonload the backup programme most Apple users seem to prefer and use: SuperDuper!.

So before I went to sleep I started the backup with SuperDuper! and when I got up again I had a current backup of all my files.

And once again I resolve to do backups weekly or montly or …

Hello world! Hello iPhone!

Finally it is reality! Steve Jobs finally presented it in today’s Keynote at the Macworld Expo: the Apple iPhone.

Beside being a phone, it is also a widescreen iPod (audio and video) and an internet device (Safari, Mail, Widgets). Having only one button and a large multi-touch display.

In my opinion the iPhone will revolutionize the mobile phone industry as the Macintosh revolutionized the computer industry and the iPod revolutionized the way we to listen to music.

Safari, forget me not!

It happened so often to me that I had serveral tabs open in Safari and unintentionally closed Safari and seeing all the tabs going away. There is no warning before closing all these tabs as it happens in Firefox.

But today I stumbeld upon Forget Me Not by Jim Fowler. It is a SIMBL plugin for Safari that remembers all the websites that are open when Safari is closed and opens them again when Safari is started.

I am sure Forget Me Not will save me from time to time from going through the browser history and search for the sites I wanted to remain open.