iBackup with SuperDuper! now

Yesterday it was time for my weekly my monthly a backup after quite some time. To back up my iBook to a 250 GB LaCie Hard Drive I have been using iBackup so far and was happy with it.

But yesterday evening when iBackup updated the plugins it froze and after waiting for half an hour I did a force-quit. Starting it new everything was ok and I started the backup.

Six hours later when I came back from a nice dinner with friends iBackup did not react again and seemed to be frozen. And another force-quit.

So I decided to dwonload the backup programme most Apple users seem to prefer and use: SuperDuper!.

So before I went to sleep I started the backup with SuperDuper! and when I got up again I had a current backup of all my files.

And once again I resolve to do backups weekly or montly or …

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