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2010 Personal Annual Report

Inspired by Brian Suda and his Personal Annual Reports and by Nicholas Felton and his Annual Reports I wrote my my 2009 Personal Annual Report last year. Here follows my Personal Annual Report for 2010.

I traveled eight times in 2010 and visited four different cities where I spend a total of 36 days. The rest of the year I was in München.

I have not been to the movies in 2010 and therefore saw no movie this year.

Right now I have 1424 items in my iTunes Library and I am subscribed to 27 podcasts. There are a total of 125 apps on my iPhone.

This year’s Status Quo about my online life: I wrote 10 blog posts (89 blog posts since July 2006) on portenkirchner.net and there was one comment (18 comments since July 2006), 3 blog posts (21 since September 2005) on portenkirchner WordPress.com with no comment this year (3 comments since September 2005), 1724 Tweets (3564 since November 2006), 1449 Dents (2175 since July 2008), saved 1012 public bookmarks on Delicious (3263 public bookmarks since July 2004), scrobbelt 27973 items on Last.fm (82998 items since September 2004) and uploaded 14 photos to Flickr (46 photos since April 2004).

2009 Personal Annual Report

Inspired by Brian Suda and his Personal Annual Reports and by Nicholas Felton and his Annual Reports I decided to gather some information.

I traveled eight times in 2009 and visited four different cities where I spend a total of 33 days. The rest of the year I was in München.

I saw a total of only one movie this year.

Right now I have 1243 items in my iTunes Library and I am subscribed to 27 podcasts. My iPhoto library includes 456 photos.

A Status Quo about my online life: I wrote 79 blog posts on portenkirchner.net with a total of 17 comments since July 2006, 18 blog posts on portenkirchner WordPress.com with a total of 3 comments since September 2005, 1840 Tweets since November 2006, 726 Dents since July 2008, saved 2251 public bookmarks on Delicious since July 2004, scrobbelt 55025 items on Last.fm since September 2004 and uploaded 32 photos to Flickr since April 2004.

MischMasch 2009-08-04

Yahoo!‘s social bookmarking site Delicious has some new features. Bookmarks can now be shared from the save form by e-mail or Twitter, searches can now be filtered by tags and timeframes and the Fresh section lists the most tweeted bookmarks. (Via delicious blog)

Yahoo!‘s photo sharing site Flickr has a new search results page to make it easier to browse through all the photos and videos. (Via Flickr Blog)

Google‘s number of digitized newspaper articles is growing and they can be accessed by using the News Archive Search. (Via Google News Blog)

MischMasch 2009-03-17

Twitter‘s API Lead Alex Payne sent out a tweet about OAuth beta being now open to all developers. (Via Twitter / Alex Payne)

Flickr has a new people-picker for FlickrMail and contact list page, that let’s you find someone faster. (Via Flickr Blog)

The WaSP InterAct Curriculum is an interesting and nice designed curriculum based upon web standards and best practices.

Google Chrome got updated and has some new features. It is 25% faster and has form autofill, full page zoom, autoscroll and tabs are dragable. (Via Google Chrome Blog)

MischMasch 2009-01-15

Carol Bartz was appointed as new CEO of Yahoo!. (Via Yahoo! Press Release)

Apple has approved third party web browsers for the iPhone. (Via Mac Rumors)

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes leave of absence until June, because health-related issues are more complex than he thought. Meanwhile Tim Cook will be responsible for Apple’s day to day operation. The company’s shares had dropped 7.8 percent after the announcement. (Via NYTimes.com)

Web design company Blueflavor launched 97bottles. It is a community site that lets you add, review and get to know different types of beer. It is for the ones who drink beer what is Corkd for wine lovers. 97bottles is very nice designed and supports OpenID. Would be nice if microformats would be supported too.

YouTube disables audio tracks that have not been authorized. It seems there will be a lot of silent movies like this one. (Via Twitter / Christian Heilmann)

Flickr launched the nearby-feature. For photos with geotags it is possible to see other photos that have been taken nearby this location. Just click on map link in the Additional Information section of a photograph, then click on the “See nearby photos and videos”-link on the bottom of the pop-up layer to see something like this. You can filter by whom and when the photos were taken. (Via Twitter / Dunstan Orchard)

Google is not only cutting stuff, but Google Catalog Search will be discontinued, Jaiku will be release as open source, dodgeball.com will be discontinued, developement on Google Notebook will stop and uploads to Google Video will no longe be allowed. (Via Search Engine Land, Inside Google Book Search, Jaikido Blog, Google Code Blog, Google Notebook Blog)

MischMasch 2008-10-01

Last week Twitter launched their Election 2008 site that shows the public opinion about the presidential election in a river of tweets. Hovering over a tweet pauses the updates. It’s possible to filter by candidates (Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden or Sarah Palin) and hot election topics (VP Debate, Tina Fey or others) are visible too. So I found out that Oktoberfest is not very important for the US elections. (Via Twitter Blog)

YouTube is testing a new and improved video uploader and everybody can try it out. It’s possible to upload multiple files at once, edit the video’s metadata while the upload happens and videos can have a size up to 1 GB. (Via YouTube Blog)

There have been made some more improvements to Webkit‘s Web Inspector like a redesigned interface, changes to the Elements Panel, JavaScript Profiler in the Profiles Panel, Database Panel and lots of changes under the hood. (Via Surfin’ Safari – Weblog)

In honour of it’s 10th birthday Google gives you the chance to search like it is January 1991. (Via Webmonkey)

Adobe is still working on a Flash player for the iPhone and hopes that Apple will approve it. (Via Daring Fireball)

Apple has decided to drop the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for released iPhone software. (Via Twitter / Cameron Moll)

Flickr quietly launched an iPhone friendly mobile version of their site.

MischMasch 2008-09-12

Dropbox is an application to share and store files online. I have been using it already for some time while it has been in private beta. Files that are put in the Dropbox folder are automatically stored online and can also be accessed through the web interface. Today Dropbox finally launched to the public.

Flickr rolled out a sneak preview of the new Flickr home page. After switching to the new interface there are more photos from contacts and photos from groups on the home page. Users can minimize the sections they are not interested in. Moreover there is an activity stream showing the recent activities on the photostream. Pro users can access statistics directly from the home page now. More information on the new design on the Flickr Blog.

MischMasch 2008-04-21

Flickr started code.flickr, a place to get in contact with the Flickr development community, to keep up on the Flickr API and to get the latest news on the open source Flickr Uploadr or other projects.

You may know flickrvision and twittervision. If you like it, then check out TwittEarth.

Alert Thingy, a desktop application for FriendFeed built on the Adobe AIR, now also supports Twitter.

Gary Vaynerchuk announced his first book 101 Wines Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World.

The Rather Difficult Font Game is a nice way to test your knowledge about fonts.

MischMasch 2008-04-09

Flickr users can now add videos too. The clips can be 90 seconds long and may have up to 150MB. Flickr calls them long photos. Right now the upload is only possbile for Flickr Pro memebers. It seems up to now the videos contain more dog content than cat content.

Yahoo! announced the aquisation of IndexTools, a web analytics software for online marketing, for an undisclosed price.

Google Docs has some new features: Google Presentation export to the PowerPoint (.ppt) file format and advanced searches. Moreover search criterias can be saved when needed more often. To my surprise I realised that Google Presentation can be edited in Safari now.

For the first time since 2002 Andy Baio has redesigned his web site Waxy.org.

MischMasch 2008-04-01

Flickr have added the new Find your friends feature. Now you can look for people using Flickr by importing your friends using Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail address books without any password sharing. Hopefully soon more web applications will go the same way and won’t ask for login/password anymore.

Google has started to roll out an offline version of Google Docs powered by Google Gears. So when will there be Google Gears support for Google Mail?

Some April Fools’ Day hoaxes: MOO.com announced the Mighty Card. BarCamp Leipzig has been relocated to Köln. Erik Spiekermann has become a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire and was appointed to Microsoft’s board of Directors.