2009 Personal Annual Report

Inspired by Brian Suda and his Personal Annual Reports and by Nicholas Felton and his Annual Reports I decided to gather some information.

I traveled eight times in 2009 and visited four different cities where I spend a total of 33 days. The rest of the year I was in München.

I saw a total of only one movie this year.

Right now I have 1243 items in my iTunes Library and I am subscribed to 27 podcasts. My iPhoto library includes 456 photos.

A Status Quo about my online life: I wrote 79 blog posts on portenkirchner.net with a total of 17 comments since July 2006, 18 blog posts on portenkirchner WordPress.com with a total of 3 comments since September 2005, 1840 Tweets since November 2006, 726 Dents since July 2008, saved 2251 public bookmarks on Delicious since July 2004, scrobbelt 55025 items on Last.fm since September 2004 and uploaded 32 photos to Flickr since April 2004.

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