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MischMasch 2009-05-11

German based business networking site XING announced their first two OpenSocial applications. XING News lets you discover news filtered by your XING network. Ask XING lets you ask questions and get answers. More applications by XING and by several partners will follow. XING News and Ask XING will will distribute virally on XING. (Via net.work.xing

270 participants took part in Yahoo!’s second Open Hack Day in London, submitting 51 hacks. (Via Yodel Anecdotal)

Data, Not Design, Is King in the Age of Google is the title of a New York Times article on data-driven design, citing Douglas Bowman and other designers. (Via Doug Bowman (stop) on Twitter)

MischMasch 2008-05-23

Webmonkey was a useful resource for web developers. Back in the ninetees it was started as part of HotWired that was acquired by Lycos in 1999. For a long time it was nothing more than an archive. Now Webmonkey is back, relaunched by Wired based on MediaWiki, making Webmonkey a collaborative project. (Via Jeffrey Veen)

Techmeme, the tech web site aggregating blogs and other news sites, has finally added search.

The New York Times released the beta version of Times Reader for the Mac, a programme with the ability to view the paper offline and with less ads than the web version. Times Reader for the Mac demands the installation of Microsoft Silverlight. So far the reactions are not very positive and there is a lot of criticism on the the use of Microsoft Silverlight.