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MischMasch 2008-05-30

Apple‘s release of Mac OS X 10.5.3 includes not only operating system improvements but adds the ability to sync Google Contacts with Address Book. It only works for iPhone and iPod touch owners, but Lifehacker has a workaround. Although some people experienced problems doing the synchronisation.

Google Gears is now called Gears to make it clear that Gears isn’t just a Google thing. And there will be Firefox 3, Safari and Opera support in the future. So far Gears works with Google Reader, Google Docs, Remember The Milk and now with MySpace Mail. (Via Official Google Blog)

AOL joins OpenSocial.

Google is now hosting copies of jQuery, Prototype, mooTools and Dojo on AJAX Libraries API. (Via Simon Willison)

MischMasch 2008-03-20

Peach is an open movie licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license that will be avaiable later this year. The trailer can already be seen. For those who have not seen Elephants Dream being the world’s first open movie, you have to watch it. Being licensed under Creative Commons Attribution means everybody can freely reuse and distribute the content of these movies.

Dan Cederholm‘s article Safari 3.1 Develop Menu pointed out the new Develop menu in Safari that is not activated by default. Now it’s possible to deactivate images, style sheets, JavaScript or access the Web Inspector.

MischMasch 2008-03-18

Today Apple released Safari 3.1 for Macintosh and Windows. Safari got a lot of faster. Good to see that searching in the source code works and the search string is highlighted again. Safari now allows editing CSS in the Web Inspector. And this version of the browser seems a lot more stable again. The last months I experienced a lot of spinning wheels, especially after watching flash videos online. I keep my fingers crossed that Safari won’t freeze or crash that often.

Facebook announced today that they will introduce new and improved privacy settings that will allow different settings for different groups of friends. Moreover Facebook Chat will come soon, for now not Jabber compliant and without an API.

Safari, forget me not!

It happened so often to me that I had serveral tabs open in Safari and unintentionally closed Safari and seeing all the tabs going away. There is no warning before closing all these tabs as it happens in Firefox.

But today I stumbeld upon Forget Me Not by Jim Fowler. It is a SIMBL plugin for Safari that remembers all the websites that are open when Safari is closed and opens them again when Safari is started.

I am sure Forget Me Not will save me from time to time from going through the browser history and search for the sites I wanted to remain open.