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MischMasch 2010-03-03

GigaTweet is counting the number of Twitter messages and it shows that there will be 10 billion tweets soon.

WordPress.com turned on PubSubHubbub support for more than 10.5 million blogs. (Via WordPress.com Blog)

Location based social network Foursquare partners with Vodafone UK. (Via TechCrunch Europe)

After shutting down comments on Yahoo! News in 2006 users can now comment on news articles again. (Via paidContent)

Google Wave gets a new and better robots API that can push information into waves, robots can specify how much information they want to get back from a wave and what events it needs to respond to. (Via Google Wave Developer Blog)

1.5 million apps are downloaded from the Nokia Ovi store each day. (Via MobileCrunch)

MischMasch 2009-08-04

Yahoo!‘s social bookmarking site Delicious has some new features. Bookmarks can now be shared from the save form by e-mail or Twitter, searches can now be filtered by tags and timeframes and the Fresh section lists the most tweeted bookmarks. (Via delicious blog)

Yahoo!‘s photo sharing site Flickr has a new search results page to make it easier to browse through all the photos and videos. (Via Flickr Blog)

Google‘s number of digitized newspaper articles is growing and they can be accessed by using the News Archive Search. (Via Google News Blog)

MischMasch 2009-05-11

German based business networking site XING announced their first two OpenSocial applications. XING News lets you discover news filtered by your XING network. Ask XING lets you ask questions and get answers. More applications by XING and by several partners will follow. XING News and Ask XING will will distribute virally on XING. (Via net.work.xing

270 participants took part in Yahoo!’s second Open Hack Day in London, submitting 51 hacks. (Via Yodel Anecdotal)

Data, Not Design, Is King in the Age of Google is the title of a New York Times article on data-driven design, citing Douglas Bowman and other designers. (Via Doug Bowman (stop) on Twitter)

MischMasch 2009-03-16

Yahoo! released Friends on Fire, a Fire Eagle application for Facebook that lets you share your location with your friends. (Via Yodel Anecdotal)

WeFollow is a new, nice designed Twitter directory by Kevin Rose. (Via Twitter / Heiko Hebig)

Seesmic announced Seesmic for Facebook, an Adobe Air Facebook desktop client. Beside status updates it will support pictures and videos soon. Seesmic’s popular Twitter client twhirl will have Facebook support integrated in future. (Via Seesmic Blog)

After leaving FastCompany TV Robert Scoble‘s new project will be Building 43, a content and social networking community. (Via TechCrunch)

socialmedian, a social news service acquired by XING in December 2008, uses now Facebook Connect to let people login and participate on socialmedian. (Via socialmedian Blog)

Google Quick Search Box can now update your Twitter status. There is an instruction how to tweet on the Google Code site for Google Quick Search. (Via Twitter / steverubel)

MischMasch 2009-01-15

Carol Bartz was appointed as new CEO of Yahoo!. (Via Yahoo! Press Release)

Apple has approved third party web browsers for the iPhone. (Via Mac Rumors)

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes leave of absence until June, because health-related issues are more complex than he thought. Meanwhile Tim Cook will be responsible for Apple’s day to day operation. The company’s shares had dropped 7.8 percent after the announcement. (Via NYTimes.com)

Web design company Blueflavor launched 97bottles. It is a community site that lets you add, review and get to know different types of beer. It is for the ones who drink beer what is Corkd for wine lovers. 97bottles is very nice designed and supports OpenID. Would be nice if microformats would be supported too.

YouTube disables audio tracks that have not been authorized. It seems there will be a lot of silent movies like this one. (Via Twitter / Christian Heilmann)

Flickr launched the nearby-feature. For photos with geotags it is possible to see other photos that have been taken nearby this location. Just click on map link in the Additional Information section of a photograph, then click on the “See nearby photos and videos”-link on the bottom of the pop-up layer to see something like this. You can filter by whom and when the photos were taken. (Via Twitter / Dunstan Orchard)

Google is not only cutting stuff, but Google Catalog Search will be discontinued, Jaiku will be release as open source, dodgeball.com will be discontinued, developement on Google Notebook will stop and uploads to Google Video will no longe be allowed. (Via Search Engine Land, Inside Google Book Search, Jaikido Blog, Google Code Blog, Google Notebook Blog)

MischMasch 2009-01-13

Qype CEO Stephan Uhrenbacher announced Stephen Taylor as his successor. Stephen Taylor worked for Yahoo! Europe and his experience will help social review site Qype to grow and expand and to compete against Yelp that launched Yelp UK last week. (Via Qype Vibes)

Google hired Joshua Schachter, who created the social bookmarking service Delicious and left Yahoo! some months ago. (Via ReadWriteWeb)

Think Vitamin, a site offering articles, interviews, reviews and more web related things, has a new layout and even a RSS feed. Think Vitamin is a produced by Carsonified. (Via Twitter / Brian Suda)

Full articles of Scroll Magazine number 1 are avaible online now. Scroll is a print, PDF and online magazine for web professionals by Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp and designed by Veerle Pieters.

MischMasch 2008-09-26

Already last week Twitter refreshed the design of their web site, rounded some corners, moved the navigation to the right sidebar, implementing Ajax and offering new design themes.

On tuesday T-Mobile and Google presented the first Androide phone called T-Mobile G1. It will be shipped October 22nd in the USA and will cost $179. Some of the features mentioned are a QWERTY keyboard, instant messaging, Google Maps with Street View and Compass View, a web browser based on WebKit, access to Amazon.com MP3 Downloads and more. The video of the T-Moble G1 press conference is avaiable online.

Yahoo! announced it’s new digital ad platform APT, a web-based platform that offers a simplified work flow process to streamline the ad buying process across multiple accounts and publishers. (Via Yodel Anecdotal)

The New York Times launched a social network on the newspaper’s website called TimesPeople. Users can share recommendations, ratings and comments with other New York Times readers. It’s also possible to search for people or to import contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail or Windwos Live. More information on the About TimesPeople page. (via Profy)

This week Technorati is releasing a five part series on their annual State of the Blogosphere.

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, announced that they aquired the comment system Intense Debate. (Via WordPress.com Blog)

Moreover some Google news. Google Contacts is the standalone contacts page that is part of Google Mail. Google Reader added some new features like adding tags to notes, switching between alphabetical ordering and drag n’ drop ordering and last-crawl-date for feeds. New in Google Labs are Google Audio Indexing (GAudi) and Google In Quotes. And Google has acquired Korean blogging platform Textcube.

SearchMonkey Developer Day

SearchMonkey Developer Day was an event that took place in the Yahoo! office in Munich on wednesday September 3rd. About 20 developers and site owners took the chance to get to know more about SearchMonkey and how to make search results more useful. Neil Crosby was giving a presentation and showing the SearchMonkey web site, the SearchMonkey Developer Tool and the Yahoo! Search Gallery. After the talk he, Christian Heilmann and Guy Hepworth were answering questions. Then there was the chance to talk and discuss while having some sandwiches and something to drink.

The evening was really interesting and it was nice to meet the three guys from the Yahoo! office in London, Uwe Tippmann, Thomas Schaller and Paul Savage. Hopefully there will be more events and presentations like this in the future. Yahoo! Search BOSS was one topic that already sparked some interest.

The slides of the presentation by Neil Crosby are avaiable on SlideShare, there is a blog post on the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog and photos of the event tagged smmunich can be found on Flickr.

MischMasch 2008-07-03

Some redesigns during the last weeks. MySpace has a new look done by Adaptive Path. The site is less cluttered and navigation is simpler. After five years the personal web site of Jason Santa Maria was redesigned. The interesting thing about the redesign is that the design can be changed to suit the content. Also Chris Heilmann’s site Wait til I come! looks diffrent now.

Flickr founders Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield have left Yahoo! (via Wired), as did del.icio.us founder Joshua Schachter (via Daring Fireball). Valleywag posted Stewart’s resignation letter and Wired linked the DIY Yahoo! Resignation Letter.

Firefox 3 supports color profiles, but this is disabled and it has to be turned on manually. More about it by Joi Ito and John Resig

Plazes was acquired by Nokia.