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It’s been more than a year since I decieded to leave my web site without any CSS after taking part in the CSS Naked Day. The idea was that maybe an unstyled web site would motivate me to work on a redesign. I had several ideas for portenkirchner.net, but mostly I did not have the time to work on it. When I had time, I prefered to do other things.

Every time I wrote a blog entry, what did not happen that often, I promised myself to begin with the redesign. Google Analytics tells me that although I don’t post very often, still visitors come to my site. And it is not very friendly of me to welcome them with a stripped down layout.

So finally I have updated my WordPress and bbPRess installations and decided to use a free WordPress theme again. After some time of search I remembered Alex King‘s Carrington Blog theme. When looking for it I stumbled upon Carrington Text, what is the theme for this web site for the time being. Carrington Text is a simple, text-only two colume theme using some jQuery.

In the near future I want to play around with this site again. I have a list of plugins I want to try out and want to fiddle about with the layout. I gathered several ideas and plans for portenkirchner.net and it’s design. The hard thing will be to bring them together to become the new look for portenkirchner.net.

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